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This is an interesting story. It can be overwhelming to take care of four young children.

You have a few errors like the quotation marks should not be used for every sentence but at the beginning of the dialog and at each new paragraph and then at the end when the person is done speaking. It also was difficult to follow who was speaking. Try to avoid taglines like he said or she shouted. Instead use that spot to show personality traits while identifying the speaker. For example, Marta covered her face with her hands. or The vein in her forehead pulsated with each word.

I like your idea behind the story. You did a nice job of covering the topic and still allowing the reader to see the turmoil that the MC felt. Good job.
God bless...thanks for sharing this entry...
This woman's frustrations with the children, their laundry, and care came through clearly, but so did her heart of love and compassion. Despite some "mechanical" errors, I enjoyed this story and its positive ending.