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Great message here. So often we reject those who do not look the way we would like them to look. Jesus told us to give to those in need, but many times we just pass them by. His great lesson is lost to us and what a shame.
Great story.

God Bless!
Wow! This gripped my heart and brought a tear to my eye. Powerfully executed, layered with meaning beyond the words. And, a prolific conclusion. Excellent work.

God bless~
You've given Jesus' admonition about the cup of water a unique telling. I was intrigued by the story, but you included some details that made me wonder about the setting. What was the assembly? What kind of shop did she have? And why were the people asking for a drink so rude about it?

But your message was clear and I shudder to think of being in her position.
A very powerful rebuke to the kind of prayers that we pray too often,when we expect God to change everything but us. Some of your phrases are slightly awkward - almost formal - but your passion is coming through loud and clear.
This is a bit of brilliant story telling. You had an outstanding opener that grabbed my attention and kept me riveted to the very end.

You had quite a few tiny errors. When someone different is speaking, always start a new paragraph. The punctuation goes inside the quotation marks too. If you need help finding a challenge buddy to help you with these little errors, feel free to send me a PM.

Again, I really loved this story and it tugged on my heart. I thought the POV was fresh. There have been many stories about Jesus' cup this week but yours was totally different and one of my favorites.