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I loved the ironic "voice" in your first three paragraphs! Glad you learned your lesson, and then taught it to us.
Me too! I am always blessed by the people who sing out to the Lord in church despite not having a perfect voice. Very nice.
Very well written! Short and sweet, I liked it!
"this poor old guy sounded like an asthmatic bagpiper. He hit more “notes” (and I use that term loosely) in one verse than there were in the whole darned song. Things like that can really unnerve a finely tuned instrument like me." Great description of the old man and love the humor of being a fine tuned instrument!

I also love hearing people joyfully and boldly singing off key while I whisper a soft squeak hoping not to hurt any body's ears. Thanks for a fun reminder of why we should sing.
Nicely done -a good lesson (and again one of my favorite hymns in an entry this week!)
"I hope that I can sing that well some day." That line summed it up quite perfectly. Well done, sweet lady!
Really enjoyed the 'ironic' voice and would have enjoyed seeing you explore it further. A good lesson. Well done.
Whew! Your first paragraph had me worried, but this turned out to be a sweet, poignant little article. Great message in a humerous package. Well done!
I can read read our friend "Lewis Grizzard" in some bits and pieces throughout your work. Delightful piece here...and with wit and humor that reminds me of our beloved friend. You will see my attempt to copy him throughout my work...but I never can quite capture that magic. There's only one like him....Semper Fi, my friend! Great writing!