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I liked and enjoyed your story. It is a gift to grow old gracefully and you showed that well in your well written muse. thanks!

Colin (Gold Member)
This is a beautiful monologue. It shows that it is important to count our blessings every day, even on the bad days. Actually especially on the bad days it's important to be reminded of how truly we are blessed by material things but more so by Jesus' love.

I noted some tiny red ink. In this: Mary and Molly comes
It should be come. I also noticed you capitalized the Doctor. If you put a qualifier in front like the or my then it's lowercase but if you use it as a name--Good morning Doctor--then you capitalize it.

You did a wonderful job of writing on topic. I also thought your message is one everyone needs to hear from time to time. I enjoyed the ending. I think it could be read a couple of ways. One that he was just getting in the car and going home or 2. perhaps he sensed something and knew he would be seeing Maddie quite soon in Heaven. Personally I like that it is open-ended like that because each reader depending on her needs at the exact moment she reads it will choose the ending that she needs. God will make sure of that. This was a wonderful read.
A blessed life, indeed. You summarized the important things in a lifetime with some good details. I liked Maddie because the MC loved her.
Sweet, moving and very well written. Thank you.

God Bless~