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The worth of Jesus and what he did, written in rhyme. Truly wonderful - praise Him!

Colin (Gold Member)
BEAUTIFUL! Your love for Christ is so evident and this beautiful poem touched my heart and soul. Very good.

God Bless
This is pure poetry! It definitely packs a powerful punch. What a wonderful truth to know that if Jesus could only save just one person whether it be you or me or some horrible person, he still would have gone through all of that agony because he loves each and every one of us unconditionally and that much.

Tiny red ink in this line: on the day grace begun it should be began but that wouldn't fit the rhyme but if you added had begun then it's correct. I'm not great at hearing meter and rhythm so perhaps adding the had would have changed the flow.

You did a great job of writing on topic. There have been way more poems this week because blessed seems to demand a beautiful poem and you definitely wrote a beautiful one. The ending really touched me too. These lines: my tears fall like rain as I kneel
blessed am I
that you'd suffer and die
for by those same wounds, I am healed
Though there I noticed a switch in tense and if you had just written kneeled it would have kept the tense as well as rhymed better with healed. Now technically the past tense of kneel is knelt not kneeled but in poetry you can get away with that a bit more. I'm sure it's something you agonized over and the choice you made is a good one. The most important part is the affect it had on me and so many others. You are truly blessed with a talent for writing and I left this piece with a warm feeling and am honored to have read it. It will have an effect on people in ways you may never know. Keep writing those words that God lays upon your heart
And to this poem I say AMEN!
such a beautiful poem, I enjoyed it so much. But more than that...your heart for God which is so evident in your words. Thank you.

God bless~
Congratulations for placing third in level one and 20 overall!