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Really enjoyed this one - I love nature and revel in God's creative work. Really good! Thanks!

Colin (Gold Member)
This is a delightful devotion. I really liked how you shared a personal experience and then related that to the Word of God.

I noticed some tiny errors like some missing commas and that you put a space in between the em dash but it should look like this--really a little thing and chipmunk is one word.

I could almost feel the sun on my face and my hands trembled at the picture of the geese you painted for me. I've started walking lately. I've never been much of an outside person but I'm being blessed over and over in my daily walks from the beautiful red, pink and purple hues in the leaves of the trees this year. The drought has been hard and harvests are meager but in exchange God painted the world these amazing colors different from any year I can remember. You did a nice job on this piece.
I liked the following paragraph...very descriptive,

"Rounding a bend on my walk path Ive heard myself laugh out loud at the ducks swimming in the lake in a bobbing-for-apples position - dunking so far down in the water that only their tail feathers are visible."

God Bless
Oh, my, my, my. The wealth of Gods ways filled what loss of work emptied. Would you have appreciated Gods natural abundance, as completely, otherwise? Maybe, still, with your heartfelt rendition, I know you have led me to more fully do so.
This dedication to God's earthly beauty is wonderfully descriptive and full of "aha" moments. I'm an avid walker and never tire of His creation--it's where I feel closest to God.
Great job with this piece.
Descriptive, reverent, and just an oveall beautiful devotional. Thank you.

God Bless~
Congratulations for placing first in level one and 14 overall!
Congratulations on your winning entry with this beautiful devotional about God showing Himself through His creation and reminding us to be grateful during the experience.
Hi Barbara,

I enjoyed reading your article and much of it hit me, the fall preeze telling me to look God's green carpet and enjoy the seasons as they each bring beauty to our world.

Good artle and keep on writing.