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A good lesson in this story.

God bless!
A prolific message in this well written entry...nicely done. I enjoyed it very much. God bless~
A friend reminded me the other day. "Once the words come out it's hard to take them back" A very good message here in a well written story. I think you have talent for writing!

God BLess
I am really touched by your message. When you talked about dropping the laptop from the roof and seeing it splattered in pieces instantly made me think of the little boy who each time he was called stupid or made fun of, to him it felt like being dropped from the roof. A laptop can be repaired but it takes a thousand "good jobs" to erase one "stupid kid".

The beginning did puzzle me a bit. You said he was leading the song but instead he made the comment. I wonder if it would have been more of an attention grabber had you started off with the one pastor charging out of his seat. Then have the other repeat what he said and carry on from there.

You covered the topic in a slightly different way which is refreshing. Your message about how words can have a lifelong impact on someone really touched my heart. This is a great way to get the congregation's attention. Some people think ministers are above reproach so not only did the stunt show how words can hurt, it also would be a great lesson in pastors are just people too. Nice job.
A wonderful story that conveyed morals, values, ethics all rolled into one sermon.

Your story kept me engaged all the way through... and especially the added icing on the cake reminder to the woman who needed a clue.
This really touched me. It's a message that needs to be spread. Thank you.
Congratulations, Ken!

Wing His Words!
Congratulations my friend! Happy dance! See yo in level 2!
Wow, Ken! First place this week. Terrific and a giant congrats! On to Level 2 .
Congratulations on your 1st place win Ken!
Well written story with a timeless message.
Congrats and God Bless~
that was an interesting piece.reminding us to be thoughtful of what we say about others.