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Your opening paragraph was quite original and really painted a vivid picture. You did a nice job of covering the topic while conveying an important message. God does care about us and he will never reject us. I also could empathize with the MC not liking what the mirror reflected. Nice job.
I too love the way you introduced your message in that first paragraph. It was a great buildup. A church filled with trash! Not a nice temple at all.
Great story!

We should all look at ourselves in such a way. Our bodies are temples and should be treated that way.

I don't know if this is a true story or not, but it is very inspiring!

God Bless~
Congratulations on your ribbon and for ranking 14 overall!
Great illustration with the dump truck filling the temple....Good job!
I thought your chuck filled with junk was a great application. Your message was great, and I liked that you came full circle, now being with the love of your life. Super congrats on your ribbon!!!
Apparently I need a little spelling practice. that should have been "truck" (not "chuck") in the above comment. :)