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I enjoyed this 'sweet' message.

Stories that deliver a Christian message are often confined inside a sort of box, where all the pieces fit all too neatly.

However, you have a paragraph in here that lifts your story out of this box. It is my favorite paragraph:

Phil placed the five dollar bill on the counter. "I insist. I call myself a Christian. I should have acted better. I want to show you how sorry I am."

This, to me, is the defining standard of a Christian. As humans, we are prone to slip in obedience, but as Christians, we can always own up to our mistakes, and that is what sets us apart.
I loved this story...and agree with Theresa. As Christians we have to be responsible for our actions, and make things right. Clearly this MC did, in a big way. Great job.

God bless~
I really liked this story. You did a nice job of it.

I can tell you're working on showing instead of just telling. You're getting there but can still do a bit more showing. You showed Phil's face turning red, but he was really angry. If you had him ball his fists and slammed it down on the table while talking through clenched teeth, that would have really painted a picture for the reader.

I think you covered the topic in a great way. I liked how you used both meanings of sweetness. I also think it was great that his friend showed him he was wrong. That can be hard for some Christians, but it does say we should correct our brother.

The ending may have been stronger if, you ended it with him giving the money and saying something like "I insist and God agrees." Then maybe have the waitress break into a real smile for the first time since the man entered the shop.

You really did a nice job and I can see how you are trying to work on bettering your story. Well done.
Congratulations! Two HC's in a row.
Congratulations on your entry...
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Congrats. God bless~