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Oh how sad it is that we place so much value on physical appearance. I'm at the point where I refuse to have my picture taken. If I don't look in the mirror my mind pictures the super skinny girl I once was. Your story really woke me up. There are far more important things in life. You did a wonderful job of relaying that message.
A good lesson that can apply to many. The old cliche, "beauty is skin deep" is an adage that can be applied today and is as ageless as time. Something good to ponder, since time can be so cruel to our "outer image" as we age. grow old is through the grace of God, so ostensibly, "how beautiful" is that?

Thanks for this fine story.

God Bless~
This is a very good lesson to learn. You showed that very well, and built it around the topic. Good job.
What a tough lesson to learn, but God was gracious to show you early enough in life to to set you on the right path. Well written - great story.