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Nice job of with the topic, and congratulations to all (if this is a true story)

Well written and very touching. Nice accomplishment. God Bless~
Oh, I was SO cheering by the end, hoping the MC (you?) made her goal. Thanks for the smile - your testimony brought me joy.
Nice take on the topic, though it might (in my opinion) better fit the Diet theme. Nevertheless, it's a good read as well as an encouraging story.
This is an exciting story. I found myself rooting for the MC. I even crossed my fingers.

Some tiny red ink--in the beginning you started with past tense, then switched to present. Also you should write out numbers less than ten and really less than one hundred. Also don't ever start a sentence with a number.

I enjoyed your characters. They felt quite real. Losing weight is not easy to do. I smiled at the irony of having a big banquet to celebrate the end of a diet. You did a nice job from beginning to end.
What an exciting accomplishment and inspiring story. I too go to Vision Quest and have for over a year. I haven't joined the Biggest Loser, but have friends that did and have done remarkably well. I noticed in your very first paragraph that you were changed tenses. This was truly a most enjoyable story of accomplishment not only in the weight loss area, but emotionally and spiritually. Nicely done.
Well done. You expressed well the emotional aspects of efforts to lose weight. A suggestion: check tenses to keep them consistent throughout and spelling (led not lead).