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Great job with this insightful entry. A powerful conclusion for your clever piece brought it together in prolific fashion.

Thanks. God bless~
Abby is so encouraging! She's a great example of persevering despite the annoying darts the enemy tosses at us. You could work on more showing - like when the waitress spilled the water down her back - instead of telling us it happened, put the reader in her chair. What does she experience? You did a great job of showing when the mic doesn't work - you don't tell us, you show it happening through conversation and action. Your story is very good, and your message is clear and poignant.
I liked your take on the topic. There are so many thought-provoking truths in it.

I do wish you had given us a greater sense of the MC. What did she do when ice water was spilled on her back? How did she relate right after the spaghetti speckled her dress? Did she grit her teeth or close her eyes and pray.

Your last paragraph was quite powerful. It is so easy to get caught up with the cares of the world. That's how the devil worms his way into our lives. You did a great job of showing how to cling to God through the tough times.
Good lesson on perseverance, and wrapped around the topic well. Good entry.