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This story covered a very important wakeup call for your MC. I enjoyed the message you were sending out to the reader... a very important message. Nicely done.
A profound commentary on what is happening today in our society. This was well written and a timely reminder to "heed" the words of your doctor. Nicely written and told. Thanks.

God bless~
I like the message of this entry and it is clearly on topic. However, one thing that stood out to me was your title. Personally, I think it should be, I Could Have Died!

Good job with the dialogue. I felt like I was in each scene.
Nice wake-up call to a man not geared to watching what he eats. A different take on topic too. Good job.
Confucius said, " A wise man changes his mind, a fool never does." Your MC is a wise man. Nicely done.
This is a fascinating story. The reader can sense the conflict right away and knew what was in store for the poor MC.

You have some extra words left and could use them to build suspense into your story. Take this passive sentence --He was rushed to the hospital and sent to the emergency room.
Instead show the readers what happened. The ambulance crew rushed into the office. While one EMT started chest compression the other searched for a large vein to insert the IV catheter. Once Clyde stabilized the lifted him onto the gurney and wheeled him to the waiting ambulance.
Though that might not be exactly what you want to say, I hope it helps show you how a few extra sentences can prolong the suspense.

You did a great job of covering the topic in an exciting and different way. There are many people who can relate to this message. The ending felt a tad abrupt, but overall you did a nice job with this story.

PS The title should be I Could HAVE died. Often in speech could've sounds like could of and people mistakenly write of instead of have.