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I absolutley loved this well thought out and it flowed beautifully!
I like your entry a lot. It put a smile on my face. What a clever entry.
I like this: savoring the Word of God. Great job!
You've made my heart smile!
Thanks. God bless~
What a delightful poem, Lynn. I thoroughly enjoyed your take on the topic at hand. Very nicely done.
I enjoyed your poem. I think the best stanza was:
"This will feed your one desire,
Set your life and soul on fire,
Lift your heart when you are down,
Bring your spirits back around."
And the message was great.
What you said in the throwing a brick section about this piece made me think that often times poems are like prayers of the soul - we don't know what to say, but the groaning of our spirits commune with God and then there is finally understanding. Moving through your poem it becomes evident that this is the process leading you and concluding it is indeed the Word that feeds us.
Very clever and light-hearted, without trivialising your message because you invite us to also enjoy the light. Well done.
I liked your take on the topic. The word of God is definitely something to be savored.

I thought some of your lines were off a bit on the rhythm and consume and you felt like a forced rhyme.

But even with those tiny exceptions you did a beautiful job with it. I wanted to keep reading as it soothed my soul. And poetry is one of those things that can be tweaked forever. You did a nice job with it.