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Mr. Bates and I have something in common, I always bring the store bought cake! Hahahahaha.

Loved this sweet story. Great job. Thanks.

God Bless~
This was such a delightful story which told about Ms. Emma and all that she did when it came to their Potluck Sunday. You might want to consider more punctuation in future entries. Ms. Emma seems like a very in-charge person. In reading about her, I wonder if she should consider forming a committee so she doesn't have so much to get done all by herself. Good job!
This is lovely. I so enjoyed the care Miss Emma showed in paying it forward. She had been blessed by these people and wanted to bless them in return. It's lovely.

I noticed in a couple of paragraphs you repeated phrases like set out and get in the way/out of the way. Once in a while I'd stumble over a sentence. A good trick to make sure your sentences flow is to have someone read it aloud. If they stumble, you may want to restructure it.

You were right on topic and delivered a nice message. I've read several descriptions of church socials this quarter but this piece really had a chunk of feel good in it. Your MC felt real and I could easily picture her in my mind.