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What a sweet, sweet story which covered the topic at hand, yet helped the reader to understand your husband's plight when it came to the issue of food. God promised He never will give us more than we can bear, and apparently that is true in your husband's case, as well as you. Be sure to give proper reverence to God when you reference Him with a capital "H." Other than that, I thought your story was very well presented.
Oh my dear friend in Christ. This was such a touching spoke to my heart.

How wonderful that your hubby wanted to continue to be with people. And, you both obviously never lost faith.

This was a beautifully written story and I am honored you shared it with us. Thank you. I am so glad your hubby is better now.

And, Praise God how He brought you both through this ordeal.

God Bless you~
This story brought me to tears. My family is going through a hard time and just to hear someone else has made it through a tough time was so comforting. Thank you!
This is a lovely and heart stirring story. I suffer from chronic pain and am able to imagine how difficult it is for my husband to watch me suffer but not be able to help. Often we will read stories about the sick or those suffering chronic pain but I think it is equally important to see the side of the main caregiver or support person. I'll make sure I hug my husband extra hard tonight. You did a nice job of tackling the topic in a different and fresh way.