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Really good story, I really liked the way you ended it.

I loved your story about time in the kitchen. I remember many of the same things in my own family. In fact that topic brought back many memories.
You clearly showed the reason why the kitchen is such an important place for you, and I very much enjoyed reading your wonderful memories. The only suggestion I would like to make is that you not mention the Writing Challenge in your story, as a wider audience of readers outside this website wouldn't understand what you're talking about. I do thank you for sharing your "kitchen thoughts" with us, and I wish you blessings on your writing!
A beautiful reminiscence.Is is right on topic. Add a scripture and nix the Writer's Challenge reference and you will have a lovely devotional.
This was such a clever and touching way to bring the topic to life. I loved the categorical style of recall, and I loved the message it brought. Beautifully done.

Thank you. God Bless~
This is a lovely and thought provoking piece. I could relate to many of your events as you took me down your memory lane. So much can be learned from the wisdom of those who have gone before us.

Be careful not to mention the challenge or topic as the top ten stories overall will be published in an anthology where the reader may not know of the challenge or the site. Tiny red ink-- use farther instead of further when referring to distance. (a good way to remember is far reminds one of actual distance while the further is more for metaphorical distance)

Your ending is the strongest part of the story. You really brought it all together and reminded me of the importance of keeping Jesus in the heart or center or kitchen of our lives. You managed to take a nice spin on an ordinary topic and place and have the reader feel the importance of it all. You have a great gift that will get stronger the more you write. So keep writing those important stories that God lays on your heart. You will never know how many people will be touched by your words.