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That was a really well written story with a great lesson. I enjoyed reading it. Thank you
Very nicely done. I like the reference "the kitchen of my life". This is a wonderful devotional with a great scripture, a hook, and a good lesson with a satisfying ending. Great job!
This is appleseed didnt really grow until three years ago when I became born again! Thank you so much for reminding me.

God Bless
Wow - powerfully executed with fabulous analogies, messages, and the parable Jesus told. I loved it. Great job and so well written! Thank you for sharing.

God bless~
Great writing!
Wow this is one powerful devotion. You did everything right. You started with the perfect verse to enhance your message. By telling a true story, you connect with the reader in a deep and masterful way. I just love your message in this and it is one I need to hear right now. I do tend to get impatient and want things done on my timetable but you did a brilliant job of gently and lovingly remind me that it needs to be done on God's schedule, not mine. I just really love this powerful little piece and it is certainly one of my favorites this week, if not of all time.
As I sit reading this--awake too early because I'm fretting, waiting and watching for my own apple tree to begin sprouting--I can't help but see what the power of God can do when He is behind our words. We think we're simply responding to a challenge, but could it be that God is much bigger than that and that He takes our simple seeds and sometimes grows them out of our sight? No "could it be" about it! Did you know when you wrote this that it was exactly what I needed to hear from the Lord at exactly this moment? No, you didn't. You don't even know me or my circumstances--but He knew. Amazing! If nothing else comes of this beautiful piece of writing, I hope that you can be blessed by knowing that the Lord used it to speak to me.
Congratulations for placing 7th in level one!