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Bitterness can be so damaging. Great reminder of why it is so important to guard our hearts from it!
This is a nice devotion. I liked the verse you chose. I also like that you shared a bit of yourself with the reader too.

I think if you are able it would make your message more powerful if you could expand on one example where your heart was hurt but God helped you through.

Be careful of switching from the third person in the beginning when you spoke about people in general. Then you switched to first person. Personally for devotions I think first person works the best. God helps us through difficult times so that we can help others. You definitely did that.

Then you went into second person where you spoke to the reader directly. In my opinion this is something to do with caution because it could easily feel like you are preaching at someone. I didn't feel that way with yours but have with others who tell the reader what to do.

You did a nice job of writing on topic while delivering an important message. It is true, even though Jesus is right next to me ready to give me all of the support I need, I have to take that first step. You did a good job.
Beautiful devotional. This short and powerful piece serve as a great reminder to all. Thank you. God bless~
Your devotional, which was beautifully written and obviously written from the heart, made this reader pause on her own life. I too have had hurts along the paths of this thing we call life and at times, have found it extremely difficult to forgive and forget. But, in those incidences, I ask myself; if I hold on to these hurts, then who is the victor. Certainly not me! The past is the past I have been told and there is absolutely nothing we can do about it. We need to focus on the present and look forward to the present. There are a couple places where you dropped a word in a sentence, but that did not take away from the impact of your entry. Nice writing!