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Great reminder of the peace we can have when we guard our hearts. Thanks.
You have the start of a fantastic idea here. I know it's not always easy to do but you need to expand on your points.

It's really difficult to tell which words are from the Bible and which ones are yours. Make sure you distinguish that because you wouldn't want to mislead someone unfamiliar with the Bible. You can put Bible quotes in italics or at the very least put quotes around them. Also don't abbreviate words like def because not everyone will realize it means definition. You also have some typos and incomplete sentences.

You have a lot of potential. If you were to join a critique group or find a challenge buddy this would really help polish up your writing and draw even more people in.

I have no doubt that God has some great plans for you. Don't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and write what the Lord lays on your heart. You have some inspirational thoughts in there you just need to trust yourself and keep on pushing to become better and better. I think the idea of peace being a tool is quite creative and makes me look at those verses in a different way, which is always a good thing. Good job.
Good messages and profound truths from the word in your piece.

You could expound on it more...just go with your heart. Feel your heart, and feed those thoughts onto the screen. You have even greater purpose and potential to keep going forward.

Good job of catergorically bringing the "point" home.

Thank you. I look forward to reading your future entries.

God bless~