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This is a wonderful piece of work. It touched my heart deeply. Jesus went through so much and He cares about our broken hearts. You did a beautiful, moving story.
Wow! I don't think there is a better word than Wow! What wisdom you have in this story. I was captured by every single word. This is an outstanding story. There may have been errors but I wouldn't have noticed them because I was so engrossed by your story. Shorter paragraphs and spaces in between would have made it a tad easier to read but even that didn't affect me. You have written an amazing piece here and I have no doubt God has wonderful plans for you and this story. It will go around the world and touch people in so many ways. What a brilliant way to start my day. Thank you!
Outstanding! Powerful! Amazing! Phenomenal! Ingenious! Brilliant! Touching!

What an explosive and prolific piece you have written. It touched me, gave me goosebumps, and made me cry! This will stay with me long after I finish reading it.

I will print this out and share it with others. Thank you!

I couldn't help but use all of those exclamations...this entry deserved that and more. Fabulous!

God bless you~
Thank you all for your gracious words concerning what the Lord gave me to write. In so many ways, He really and truly is my muse. In that wonderful, faithful way He has of keeping His word, He works ALL things together for my good and His glory (as He does with all of those who are His).

Tears are coming to my eyes as I type this even now . . . if all of you only knew. If you only knew just how far He has brought me and just how high He has lifted my lonely heart from great depths! And what He does with our feeble words! Your words . . . and your acceptance of mine . . . Grace. That's what it is, a picture of His Grace.
Frankie, your story is such a wonderful lesson in commitment and faith.

The part I will always remember is "Stop giving your heart to the world." We do that so often.

I am printing your story and keeping it to share in Bible study. Thank you for your heart-wrenching, insightful writing.
Congratulations for your ribbon and for ranking 15th overall! (Check out the message boards sometime after Thursday evening to see the top rankings in each level and the top 20 overall)
I just love this! And congratulations! Absolutely a new perspective and wonderful analogies! Thank you for sharing your gift.

God Bless!
I have had to dry my tears in order to write this review. What a powerful entry! I realized through your entry that I have been holding onto some of the ways of my old heart and not allowing the new one, which I have had for years, to be my only heart. It is amazing what your entry has brought to my mind. How insightful! You are an excellent writer and I'm sure you'll be moving up the ranks very quickly. It is obvious who you are writing for, and isn't that really what it's all about? The only thing I would say as far as the structure of your entry; it needs spaces between paragraphs and the paragraphs need to be shorter. Other than that, this is absolutely wonderful! I see why you got the award you did! Congratulations!!!