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This is so true. A heart void of God is too easily wounded, but when God resides there, the heart has defenses nothing else can provide.
Learning to trust God, if man has been untrustworthy is a difficult thing, but our hearts are safe, indeed, in Him. You've explained it well.
I enjoyed this entry. It shows honesty, hurt, and yet great victory at the end. It is so good to learn to trust some people, even knowing they will sometimes fail, like us; better still to know that Jesus never fails!
I so enjoyed your entry this week. It had two elements; those days when trust did not come easily to you when you had to guard your heart, and then a time of accepting Jesus and going through a process of acceptance of others and learning that God will guard your heart. I really like how you went from one to the other. You've written a little about your background in the past and this continues to show your love of Jesus and how you depend on Him on a daily basis. Very nicely done!
Oh, I loved this. Very nice job. I especially loved the second part, and smiled when the MC found Jesus. :)
This is such a powerful piece. I have no doubt God was right over your shoulder as you were writing this telling you "I believe in you and know you can do this."

The biggest suggestion I would give you is probably going to be one of the harder ones for you to take, but like Jesus, I, too believe in you. In the beginning you start off by telling the reader that we all may not understand the story. However just by changing it a tiny bit not only will every reader be able to understand it but will connect with the MC immediately. That's done by changing the we to I.

Later on when you did that my connection immediately grew and I felt in sync with you. I know it's not always easy to speak such truths to virtual strangers but God has people in mind for this story. By telling it from your POV it makes it easier for every reader to connect and for most to have empathy. Also in doing that you could expand a bit more by showing the reader what it is like to be in the skin of the MC. Fort example: At night, I'd crawl in bed, my knees trembled and banged together. Positive that the knocking echoed off the walls, I'd clamp my arms around them and pull my legs up to my chest in an attempt to quiet them.
That's just an example to help you understand what I mean by showing the reader. I instantly picture a little one huddled in bed, terrified.

You did a great job on this piece. It's not an easy subject to write about. I wanted to write about a sensitive story this week but ran out of courage. I have no doubt that your words will have an impact on someone in ways we can't even begin to imagine. Your Bible verse is a perfect fit. The last two words really touched my heart. "Even you" wow such an impact that even though I can't always tolerate myself God speaks directly to me, even me. Your story and the verse complement each other and give hope where hope has often been a four letter word in my heart but today your words helped changer that for me. Thank you for your obedience in God and for writing about something that couldn't have been easy. You done good! :)
Amen! Proverbs 3:5-6 has been a mantra of mine for more years than I can recount! Great job in writing this article and expressing your thoughts/beliefs and emotions.
Thank you for this powerful piece with so many levels and components. The message and your heart was clearly apparent in this entry.

Good job and God Bless you~
This so vividly describes the issue of trust. Thanks for sharing, in a way that your readers can understand, and apply to their lives.

Wing His Words!