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This reader read with interest you explanation of the physical heart and the spiritual heart. Very well written...however, I have to respectfully disagree with you when you say "If unchecked, it will eventually result in the loss of opportunity to attain everlasting life. Our living with Him for eternity would be eliminated." Perhaps I am missing your point, but once a person is given the gift of salvation by accepting Jesus as their Saviour, there is nothing, absolutely nothing that can cause that person to lose his/her salvation. Once saved, always saved! Other than that, I think your actual writing was very descriptive and kept this reader's interest.
I have to admit that I also stumbled over the theological point mentioned in the previous comment. However, I do think your writing shows promise. Keep writing. God bless you!
This is a nice devotion. I liked how you used an example from life to help illustrate your point. I also liked the Bible verse you used (make sure you cite which translation it is) The prayer too was quite lovely. Good job.
This was simply beautiful in all aspects. I loved it. Great job with this piece. Thank you. God Bless~