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The story line you chose was quite unique. I didn't realize until I had almost reached the end of your story who that someone was who loved him so much. There are a couple places where you use the possessive of a word when it should be just singular. I believe a simple spellcheck would have taken care of that. Also, your paragraphs seem to be spaced with more than double spacing. I'm not sure why. Other than that, I think you did an excellent job in telling this story with a little eye-opener at the end. Nicely written on a subject that we unfortunately are seeing way too many incidences of in the news.
Oh... wow. That's about all I have to say. This was SO good, and riviting. I knew right away who had written the letter, but it didn't damper the effect at all. If anything it enhanced it. Awesome job with this.
Wow. This was really amazing. Even though the story line wasn't very creative (being a teacher I am very much aware of situations like this within schools.)
HOWEVER, the way that you presented the story line is what makes it unique and I applaud you. I fully expect you to be moving up soon.
Oh my gosh, this is good! I loved it!

Congrats! God Bless~