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This certainly was an interesting dissertation on current affairs. I believe you either up on current affairs or have done some research to write such an indepth entry. I would caution you to proof your work. In one sentence, you use "weather" for "whether," something spellcheck won't catch. Other than that, I thought you did an excellent job staying on topic in what I personally found to be a challenge this week.
I have an interesting observation. You start by wondering what is happening with "our country."

I'm an Australian. People from England, Scotland, New Zealand and Canada also belong to this site and pay good money to support it.
I really wonder whether a forum designed for writers to showcase their work, hone their technical skills in a safe Christian community is the appropriate place to dogmatically declare personal poitical views. However, this is a common mistake. Many people confuse the act of jotting down personal thoughts and opinions on paper (or tweeting, blogging etc. that anyone can do) with the craft of writing. Unless you are, of course, employed as a political columnist or some such professional.
Congratulations for ranking 6th in level one!