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I will be amazed if your entry isn't selected as one of the best. I'm not a judge; just a reader who thought not only your storyline, but your wonderful wit kept this story flowing from beginning to end. I love your descriptive way of writing and your humor is delightful. I would like to have seen some consistancy in your paragraph spacing. Sometimes you had two to three spaces between paragraphs; sometimes I thought I saw even four. Also, I would check my punctuation as well. However, neither of these things takes away from the absolute delight it was to read this entry. Excellent writing!
A very good read. I enjoyed it all. paragraph spacing will make it even more enjoyable. Good writing.
I so loved this I had to keep reading. Your sparkling talent is pretty obvious you'll be moving on to the higher ranks...just a suggestion: I was disappointed at how it ended...the delight of the story - that the character could now rescue the doctor from his "tragic" existence" with clear conscience, the whimsical promise of new romance etc. didn't happen per se. Woulda been cool to have her take cookies to his hospital room or something. NEVERTHELESS amazing beginner entry!
What a touching story - sad, but excellently written. I agree, it tops the beginners charts here - or at least comes mighty close. I would not be at all surprised if it won something.
Congratulations on placing #1 in your level and #5 overall! Great accomplishment and great writing.
Congratulations! You did a great job with this. I'm so glad it got recognized!
Congrats! God Bless~
Congrats on the EC! God Bless~
This entry grabbed my attention and held it through to the end. I love your wit and humour and I'm delighted that you placed in both both level 1 and EC. Congratulations!
I really enjoyed this. Really well written. Congratulations on your win and EC placing!