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This was a very good story about Mormonism vs. Christianity and I enjoyed it very much, but probably the thing I enjoyed the most was the final sentence of this story. To me, that says it all in the world of politics. You kept this reader very interested throughout your story. Nicely done.
I liked your facts and observations. I pray that Christians will seek God's wisdom and discernment in the midst of all we are told through the media. I liked the conversation as a setting in this entry.
The title sucked me in, as it seems to have for others. The only point I have for this well-written dialogue is that the correlation between jam and world situation lost me at first. Great originality using dialogue which isn't easy....
I have never understood the American approach to politics and Christianity.

I thought you practised the separation of church and state.

Regardless, this article gave me an insight into your thinking.

PS I agree with your opinion of "Trickle Down Economics."
This was so much fun, and such a creative take on topic with the strawberries. iI love that part at the end about "spread it on thick, like politicians spread their promises." Great stuff.