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I think if you look in at the essay in "preview" all of the grimlins can be corrected. Interesting take on a story. You started a conflict then glossed it over (wife), I wonder if those words were even necessary. Good effort, keep writing.
I loved the story. Nice job. The grimlins (E- thingies) however they got there-were a bother while trying to read an otherwise sweet and rich story. Hope you learn how to remedy that. Keep writing you did a nice job! God bless ya, littlelight
You've come up with another great entry! Your style keeps me interested and I know the 'gremlins' are unintentional, but I like them-they're kind of becoming your signature :)
Nice recollection--my grandmother smelled of lavender, too.
Very well written! I enjoyed this - even with the gremlins. We should pray those lil bugs away! LOL
Very loving story and seemed to be lovingly written. Rich. I truly enjoyed it!
Families treat their 'grandparents' very differently at times, don't they? This highlighted what I have seen in many families. "Haul the junk away." A lifetime of precious memories, gone...I especially loved your closing line.
:) Karen
It's so hard to go through the belongings of someone we love, but the memories are healing. We went through my Grandparent's things when the sold their house when Grandpa went into the nursing home and Grandma into assisted living. It helped the transition for when they both went home.

(ps -when you said dumb E characters- I thought you had alot of character names that started with E lol)
Eeee lad you've done a grand job with this!

Violets bring memories of my Nanna...
Truly you have captured the dusty footprints of remembered loved ones and the fragrance of lavender. I have it growing at my front door it is beautiful. Well written.