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Great job of blending currrent times with Biblical truths. I enjoyed this, and especially loved the "prayer at the close." Thank you.
God Bless~
Nice job.

Two things - The angel in the story was male, so it should say "he" told. I would suggest trying to expand this a bit... tell us something most people DON'T know about the Christmas story (I know... hard to find, I'm sure!) rather than retelling people what they probably already know.

Nice job with this. I loved the reminders and the contrast between now and then.
This is a good devotion. I liked the beginning and how you set it up. Some may be embarrassed to admit to watching shows that exploit babies and bad decisions. I've wondered before when a show proved several men aren't the father if perhaps the beautiful baby is a product of incest. It does remind me to pray.

I think your weakest area of judging would be how well did this fit the topic. I sensed the question might be Who is my father? But it is a bit of a stretch. You want to write a story where if the reader didn't know what the topic is they could have a good guess. My guess for this story would have been parents.

You did a nice job of bringing a Biblical example. I've often wondered if Mary was selected not just for her heart but so young teen mothers in the future would have a role model. Also Jesus came in human form so he would truly understand us as we are hurting. I know Jesus truly understood when a child is teased for not knowing his father.
Congratulations for ranking 8th in level 1!