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Oh, this was so beautifully illustrated and such a well crafted entry. Great job with the topic and bringing the point home in a powerful conclusion. Nice job!
Thanks. God Bless~
Oh to have the faith of a child again, where we are so confident and trusting in our wonderful heavenly Father. This was a lovely reflection. Well done.
I loved this age too but our kids grow out of it so very fast. Of course, they soon grow into - Why can't I go with my friends? Why can't I stay up late? ... haha:) If only we could keep that faith like a child. If only...
You captured the spirit and personality of the child so well and you showed us your heart in your patient responses. The transition into your main message was smooth and brilliantly done. A great job all the way around. Thanks for sharing this with us!
This is great.

One minor thing. While there are different rules for numbers, numbers 0-10 are almost always spelled out. So it should be "five minutes."

I loved this. And yes, kids do question things all the time.
This is a sweet story. I toyed with an idea of writing the constant whys a child asked. I'm glad I didn't because you did a great job with it.

Just some tiny red ink: trees shouldn't have an apostrophe and numbers under ten (some say under a hundred) should be written out. You may want to use a descriptive line instead of a dialog tag line like he said. Instead say He pointed out the window, his voice getting louder with each question. It still tells us who is talking along with the fact he may be getting frustrated.

The ending is perfect. Oh to have the faith of a little one. I'd never really thought of it before but my kids also never asked if Jesus was real. And how how they could pray. My youngest could out pray a preacher. I just love the message you delivered. You didn't come off as preachy but very loving and caring. You have a beautiful gift and I know God is using your words to touch so many hearts.

The faith of a child is a beautiful thing to hear. You did a wonderful job with this story. It reminded me of my daughter asking questions during a six hour road trip. She talked fot five solid hours. I kid you not! Nicely done with this piece. God Bless!
This reminds of riding in the car with my five year old grand daughter.(the eight year old one knows everything, you see). The questions she comes up with! This is excellent writing and I loved it. I don't know why I didn't think of this.

God Bless! Lynn
I forgot to say, when I asked Genesee (the five year old one) about Jesus she said "Jesus love me and be kind to others" Yes, we should all have that kind of faith.
I enjoyed "riding along with you and your son." That was an excellent way to lead into your main point. Your story contains a wonderful message.
This was a lovely store, especially the ending; however, from a believeable standpoint, I had a little trouble with a two-year old speaking so well. I'm around young children a lot and I don't find they converse as well as this lad did. That said, I still think your story line was very good and it had a great message.
I laughed at the Mom's confidence in answers, as well as the boy's questions. I have no troule believeing a 2-yo can converse like that as my foster daughter had more questions than trees in any forest and could drive the current topic into the ground before moving on to the next one. The Mom's patience is as much a witness to the love of Jesus as the rest of the article. It is so beautifully done... puts a smile on the face and a deep warmth in the heart. Thanks!
I had to laugh when I read the first few lines... your story immediately took me back to the days when my daughter was the one with the never ending questions!

I love how you used a simple, daily activity to exemplify the spirit of Deuteronomy 6.

Great story, nicely done!

Congratulations for ranking 13th in level 1!