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This was a fabulous entry speaking about a very "real issue" prevalent in society today. Great job. I loved how the dad backed up his daughter and will go on to court to support their cause and beliefs. Nicely done. Thank you. God Bless~
You did a great job of bringing this to life. I know you worked hard on it and it really does show. Just remember that Mr. is an abbreviation for Mister and abbreviations require a period after it. Sometimes you put the period after his last name. You did a nice job of sticking to the topic and discussing something that we keep hear more and more of as the government makes more and more rules.
This is really scary if schools are getting like this. Maybe I'm just protected in the Bible Belt but I hope not. You wrote a good, although scary, story.
This is why my son put a mortgage on his house to send my two grand daughters to a private Christian school. Separation of Church and State in public schools. When I was in school we said the Lord's prayer and pledge of Allegiance every morning, with the word "God" in it. How sad for our children of today we no longer do this.

Great writing and thank you so much!
Congratulations for ranking 10th in level 1! HAPPY DANCE!!