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This was a jarring and prolifically profound entry. It held my attention throughout, and held an air of authenticity. Great job with the internal conflict and thoughts of the MC.

Thank you. God bless~
Wow! There is so much depth here. Such a hard story to tell, but you did an awesome job with it!
Wow this is another powerful piece. I read another one with a similar message. Yet this didn't feel repetitive as you each told your own story. I too have a hard time trusting, especially men so I could relate to the MC. I think all Christians have moments of doubt. Look at Christ on the cross. my God why hast thou forsaken me? If Jesus can feel forsaken then I know he truly understands when my faith waivers a bit. You did a great job with this one.
This is so honest and open. I relate to this, too, not so much about being hurt by my father but the trusting in God part. What if he doesn't show up; what if, what if...

I love the ending of this, not just praying the standard, Father, but thinking it through and saying 'Dad.' I also liked how he prayed for 2 miracles, one for the grandchild and one for himself. This is a wonderful piece of writing. Well done.
I like the honesty in your writing. Faith is something to fight for.
This was a great piece. Well done!
A powerful piece of writing. It is made more powerful, I think because it is a man revealing his inner most thoughts and that's the real risk here. Most of the time, we like to live in that shell of an image we like to portray to the world. I enjoyed this very much. A couple of typos here and there - i.e., choked, not chocked - but an excellent piece of writing.
Your title says it all. This is an honest piece that speaks of feelings we, as Christians, often try to dismiss.
"And what will happen to my faith if I do, and it doesn't come true?" Perhaps, I missed it, but I tried to relate this sentence to the rest of the paragraph, and couldn't. To what does "it" refer? "And if I do"(WHAT)?

The ending was deep-felt. You did a great job of sharing the MC's emotions. I couldn't help thinking how appropriate this would also be for this week's QUESTION.
Thank you for telling father was not to trust either....and it makes for a hard life until we find the One who is trustworthy. This was very moving, well written and a winner to me!