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Praise God... I loved this! What a loving tribute to God and His infinite mercy, compassion and grace. I loved how the couple found God again and relied on their faith and love of God to bring them through their personal ordeal.

Thank you for made my heart smile. God bless~
This is a lovely love story. I enjoyed the characters and their journey through life.

Try to do more showing than telling. For instance, instead of telling us the character is stunned show us how stunned looks. Did he raise his eyebrows and drop his jaw. More dialog would help build the characters too.

This is a great take on the topic. Having a baby can involve many risks for sure. I used to be a OB nurse and know it can go wrong in a hurry. Not having the amnio would be another example of a risk, not because the parents could abort a less than perfect child but for the doctors to decide the right way to deliver the baby. Delivering a baby with spina bifida naturally could have devastating effects. I always enjoy it when an author shows the topic in more than one way and you were quite clever in doing that.
Congratulations! God Bless~