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A powerful story, with ringing truths. The very first descpritive paragraph came alive to this reader, as I envisioned poor Uriah dying before my eyes.

This was a well written, compelling and very strong entry. Nicely done.

Wow. Good job.

God Bless~
Nice flowing, well thought out piece. Logical, smooth-flowing, and relevant.

Nicely done :)
This is a nice essay on the two sides of David. You give the reader some great things to think about.

Be careful about remain consistent with the tense and don't slip from past to present.

I think the way you tackled the topic was creative and fresh. The stark difference between infamous and famous really helped drive your point home.
Nice job on this.

At the beginning, I would make each word its own sentence. Swoosh! Twang! Clang! I normally preach against using exclamation points anywhere but in dialogue, but for sound words, it's the most effect way to get the point across.

You give us some great reminders here!
Good job with this commentary. Interesting twist, beginning it with a story that leads into your study. Putting a face to Uriah first helps to drive home the message of what David did to someone who was not only a leader in his army, but also a friend to David.

I like what you did at the end, in showing us David's annointing as well. I thought at first you were going to jump to the end of his life, and show us where things ended for him, but I like the direction you went better. Good choices all around and a solidly written piece.

Nice work!
Very interesting piece of work. A good devotional on faithfulness and unfaithfulness as well as telling how even the mighty and famous people of God can fall. Paul said we had to be careful because we can fall and that we are no better than another, without God's grace to lift us.
Congratulations for ranking 10th in level one!
Great devotional with a lot to think about. I liked the point that the important thing is not where you have come from but where you are going. All sins, even murder, will be forgiven the repentant person.

Thanks for giving us something to think about.
Beautifully written and filled with encouragement for those of us who deal with regrets. Thank God for His mercy and forgiveness and for this well done. You touched my heart.