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Thank you for writing about manic-depression--I don't feel so alone--you described it well. Praise the Lord for anti-depressants and other medicines. You went through so much. Yes, Jesus does heal today. I am so happy that you are cancer free--praise Jesus. Thank God for guiding the doctor's hands and knowing what medicine to give you. You have a wonderful testimony. This glorifies God so much.
I can see how God is using you as an instrument of His peace.

What a beautiful testimony. It spoke to my heart. Your entry truly glorified God. Keep up the good writing.
AMEN! Praise God and all His glory!

Oh, what a beautiful testimony. This had me on so many emotions skyrocketed with this vicotorious story.

Bi-polar is such a difficult disorder. My best friend had it, and wasn't diagnosed for over 50 years. She too, was a new woman afterwards.

And, as for your cancer. The Lord is on His throne, today...same as yesterday, and YES miracles STILL happen. To God all the Glory and Honor, and Praise. Thank you Lord for your miracle!

Thanks for sharing and telling us your story. Keep writing in His name, giving Him the glory. I am sure He has plans for you...big ones.

God Bless you abundantly~
In my excitement rejoicing about God's victorious and life saving miracle...I forgot to say, "This was a well written and fascinating story."

Great job. THnaks.

God Bless~
This is a beautiful piece. The ending line was perfect. That is what is most important in life.
Thank God for his healing miracles that have brought you to the point where you can share with others what He has done for you. You have managed to put this over so well, so that the reader can see how God has worked in your life. Thanks for sharing this inspiring article.
Wonderful article that will touch the hearts and souls of many. Depression in all its forms is painful for the one who has it and the family trying to help. It's hard for people to understand what they can not see. Surely this work with spread the glory of God!
I enjoyed this entry very much. Thank you for your honesty and willingness to share your life. Well expressed, well written, and inspiring. God bless!
This is great.

Just a couple of small typos here and there, is all.

I'd suggest expanding this. In fact, I have a feeling it could be the basis for a book, even. Great job!
A powerful and well written testimony that reveals God at work in life today.

There were a couple of small word corrections needed; for example; 'Jesus has given...' not 'Jesus have given...' There were a couple of things like this that a closer proof read would pick up.

But they are petty really; and I only point them out because you should correct them before you share this to a much wider audience. And you should do that.

Thank you.