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Love your article - reminds me that although we may not reap monetary rewards with writing - we are living in the sweet spot God designed us for.

Great, This will preach!You said words many of us need to hear and did it quite well!
Keep writing!
I was impressed with how well written this entry is. It is obvious that you gave it a lot of thought. I would guess that you probably did some research for information to pass on.

I didn't find one grammatical error. I'm not an expert on grammar but I seldom read an entry carefully that I don't see something.

Keep up the good writing for the glory of God.
An all together powerful and well written entry. I enjoyed the depth of knowledge put into the article, and the message it conveyed.

I liked how all important facts were categorically listed, leading up the the one most important of all.

This is my fav line:

"Our goal as Christian artists and writers should be to make Gods name famous in all the world..."

Amen to that. Loved this gem of a story. Great job.

God Bless~
This is a great essay. I liked how you tackled the topic and made it relevant to al of us. I think there is probably a small voice in everyone who wants to scream I'm going to live forever! The thing is, if Jesus is in our hearts, we will live forever in glory with him. Far better than a fancy car, isn't it?
Beautiful article! Your points are well made and backed up by scripture, that is quite important. You points on what this generation thinks of being famous are good and hit home as we deal with that with our 11 year old. If Chrisstian writers are writing only for fame then your article is sure to make this reflect on what is important. I can find nothing negative to say about this, very well done.
I agree heartily with every word you've written. Not only that, but it is well done. Thanks for these thoughts! All of us need them to be replayed in our minds every day.
Congratulations! Nicely done. God Bless~