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You have so many beautiful descriptions in this piece. It's quite lovely.

In the beginning you used set instead of sat. You may want to try more showing than telling. I know it would be difficult in this because the MC is remembering. Perhaps show her trying to struggle to do something she once did. There were several parts where you did paint a beautiful picture for me, though so perhaps my first feeling is off.

I suffer from chronic pain and I know a simple task like getting dressed can leave me shaking violently, gasping for air, and sweating so much I look like I just stepped out of the shower. many people will be able to relate to this lovely story.
Thank you for sharing this poignant story with us. This descriptive piece along with the emotions of the MC were compelling and touching.

It touched my heart and it will many others. Thank you again.

God bless,

Great title! Weariness does that. :-)

This may seem like a minor point, but I would consider using "sat in her chair on the porch while..." The breeze wasn't sitting WITH her. "Planting her flowers..." is not a complete sentence (fragment). A better rewrite: she prepared the groung, planted her flower bulbs, and waited for them to...

"One minute there was nothing, and the next minute there was..." What?

Darting back and forth...(sentence fragment).I would change from "since she has been able..." to "since she had been..."

An opinion: In structuring the article, I would have put the second paragraph just before the last paragraph.

Despite grammar issues, you have written a piece with many wonderful descriptive phrases. I could sense the weariness of mind your MC felt.
There were some very good descriptive phrases in your writing. I think this piece shows a lot of potential in your ability to write. Keep up the good work.
You've set a beautiful scene here. I love that although your MC is weary, she's not ready to be out the game just yet. I want her to find her place and to praise God is a new way.

The others have given you some great feedback. I'll just say "Keep writing and sharing!"
One of my very favorite verses and you captured it so beautifully. I love this. If this was a book I couldnt put it down.
Very descriptive writing; as has already been mentioned. You paint great pictures.

My only negative would be that some sentences are just too long and cumbersome. For example:

"To pamper and water them, to provide support when they were in need or removing the weeds that threaten to steal the water and nutrients her precious plants needed to grow and mature.

This could perhaps expand to two sentences and become richer with a little extra.

But again, you paint really good with a pen.
I honestly expected to see that this was a true story. I especially love your descriptive way of writing. It gives so much "show" and little to be left told. Excellent entry!
It is based off of my life. I should have used my own name, don't really know why I didn't.