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Loved it very well written indeed!
This is beautiful. I really like the message to remember to thank the pastor. My son is going to Seminary school. The time and money he has to put in before becoming ordained is huge, then they are on call 24/7. It is easy to become tired.
When we know who "you are" I would love to share this with my Pastor, who will LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

Great poem, meaninful and powerful. I enjoyed it and the topic was spot on.

Thank you.

God Bless,

That was wonderful! As if you had stepped up to a window and seen a large part of the last three years of my life. I'm no expert on giving critiques, however, I do know when I can relate to a writing and when it touches my soul and this one sure did.
I've known many pastors who can relate to this. Good job and good reminder to thank and appreciate our pastors!
Hmmm...i think we are having technical difficulty with Faithwriters this week. This is my second attempt to comment on this article.

I really like this piece. It's a wonderful reminder to not take for granted those who give their lives in service to God and the rest of us. Aside from that, it is also, in my opinion, well contructed with a good rhythm and flow. Excellent job and thanks for sharing it with us!
What a good topic to write about being weary. I am sure pastors live are filled with bone-tiredness you describe so well.
This is very insightful into the life of a pastor, but most of it could apply to any weary Christian as well.

My pastor has a saying that makes me chuckle..."Sheep bite". They sure do.

We send him on at least 2 missionary trips per year, and he gets a week off to go mountain climbing. He comes back on fire and ready to go again.

Thanks for sharing this.

A great reminder that we very often take for granted those that serve us so faithfully. Wonderful piece!
Great...great poem. I really liked this. cant tell you how many times I felt this way in the past. God Bless
Owwww, another one that made me cry. Often I find poetry to be very flowery and almost cryptic. This is none of that! It's real life, "things we've all said at some point" kind of phrases that I know I can relate to. The line "I used to stand against the flow" which then talks about dreams being broken; ouch, raw nerve.

I'm not a big poetry writer, but I think you might have changed the rhythm/format of the rhyming pattern in the last stanza; I found that stopped the flow a little, but that's just a personal observation I thought I'd pass on.

Thanks for sharing so honestly. Great job.
I take it back about the last stanza! I have no idea what I was reading; must have swapped some words around or something?!

Coffee time!!

Blessings, Helen