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Marvelous! I'm wondering if this is a true story, because that would make this tale even more captivating.

I related to the MC. I have suffered from chronic pain, and I know how easily the sufferer can slip from the holy heavens into the depths of despair.

You did a great job building up to this: "The Holy Spirit had taken over, and the glory of God was everywhere."

And when this moment came, I felt it, as if it were real and not manufactured or blown out of proportion. My eyes were open and I saw, and it was beautiful.
This is a great story and one I can really relate to. I have had chronic pain for over half of my life now, 23 years. Years of never having a second of relief. It can be so draining. Often people will say the least I can do for you is pray. My answer is that's the most someone can do for me. Although I'm not sure why God hasn't healed me, I do know he helps me through the bad days and I have a understanding about life that those who haven't suffered will never understand. Your message is beautiful and will touch many hearts.
Amen, and Praise God! What a wonderful and beautiful testimony. It witnessed to my heart.

As the other writers in here mentioned, it is so hard being in chronic pain. So how wonderful for you, that the Lord blessed you with a full healing! Amen.

I loved hearing this, and it gave me joy as it made my heart smile.

Thank you! There is nothing that God cannot do! Amen.

God Bless you,

excellent,,,I wish I had thought of these words when told my cancer was in remission...that's okay, I can think of them now...Thank you so much
and God Bless you
Congrats on your win!

Thank you to all who take the time to lovingly critique and give advice, week after week. It is so much appreciated.
Congratulations. God bless~