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I adored the scriptures, the story and the dialogue throughout this entry. It was so well written, and so prolific in its message.

Thank you for this.

God bless,

This is a nice devotion with some good points. I liked how you showed both sides of Martha and Mary.

Personally, I think the all capital letters for Jesus' name is a bit distracting. Use wonderful words to get the message that he is the capital, the head and heart of our spiritual walk.

I also enjoyed the personal bit about your son. Some say it is better to start off a devotion with the personal bit and then go into the Bible lesson because unfortunately many people may skip over it if they see a lot of the Bible quoted right away.

You did a nice job reflecting on the verses. You also covered the topic in more than one way. Sure Martha was tired from doing the work, but Jesus was weary of his followers not getting it. I'm sure it was a huge emotional strain which is shown in the verse, Jesus wept.