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It must be indeed be wearying to go through the same thing day after day. I think you well captured the topic in this. The verse at the end from Jeremiah is a good reminder of where to go when we feel weary.
Oh Lord, please help them find a cure for Alzheimer's very soon.

It's such a sad and wearying disease. Not only for the one with the disease, but the loved ones who must endure and watch its awful progress.

Thank you for sharing this, my heart goes out to you and the many others who are touched by this horrible disease. <3.

The title was awesome, and the scripture ending was perfect.

Thanks again,
I can only imagine your sorrow in watching your beloved mother fade away, but I thank God for comforting you in knowing that He is always with you. The scripture you shared really touched my heart. Thank you for sharing.
My condolences on the loss of your mom, and the despair and anguish of watching her slip away.

I worked in nursing homes, and Alzheimer's was one of the populations that pulled at my hearts just a little bit more than the others. It was so hard for the family members to see the "physical" aspect of their loved one...but in essence they were in mourning for the person they had "lost" long before they would pass.

It is an awful process, and I pray to the good Lord for a cure for this, and so many other diseases. But, the great thing about being a Christian, is knowing she is "whole again" in heaven in her lovely spiritual body. Reuninted with loved ones and her beloved Bill.

Thank you for sharing your heart and soul with us. You have touched many with your story, as you have touched me.

God Bless you,

The title really says it all. You did a beautiful job on a subject way too many people can personally relate to. Lovely job
I watched my mother fade away also. God Bless you and this was just beautiful...I'm sorry for what you are going through.
I don't normally care for poems. Most often they are hard for me to keep track of or even figure out what they are talking about. This one is amazing. I could not only feel but umderstand the MC's feelings. I workeed with Alzheimer patients for years and that is exactly how their minds function. God Bless you for going through this daily to be the love and support your mother needed and for being able to put it into words to help others who may share your sorrow.
Very beautiful and so sad. I felt every emotion and I agree that this will continue to touch a lot of people who understand this situation only too well. Great entry. Thank you so much for sharing.