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Zap! The ending is the best one ever! Loved the entire piece, well written and on topic. But the last sentence, took my breath away. Thank you!

God Bless~
I enjoyed this journey of your MC; however, the ending is what put a smile on my face. I didn't notice, but wonder if it is a true story. Nicely written!
Wow you have some amazing one-liners. The first sentence grabbed my attention and urged me to read on. The next was I went to prison to be set free. Such delightful irony is found in that phrase.

The only thing I would look at is the number of times you used the word I. Of course, in a testimonial it would make sense that that word is used a lot. But just by switching up some of your sentence structures can change that For example this sentence -
I had plans for the house I was going to build, the furniture I was going to make for it and even for the garden I was going to put around it.

Plans for the house I would build with my own hands, filled with self-crafted furniture and surrounded by a beautiful garden filled my mind.

I reworded it just a bit but in doing so it cut down on the number of I's.

Overall this is a powerful story. It was well-written and you nailed the topic perfectly. What a wonderful message and one many of us need to be reminded of. Houses and furniture are things that can be replaced, but love, love is eternal.
Good story. You told it well.
I like your style of writing very much. Found your story quite profound in its message of becoming rich out of losses in life. Jesus is Wonderful!
This reminded me of how easy it is to shatter the dreams of others. Our words may not break bones, but they can break hearts.

Thank you VERY much for sharing this!

Here's my "Two Thumbs Up!"
Okay I'm curious - is this non-fiction, fiction, or faction. You have me guessing. Great job.
I can relate to almost everything in your story...well told and written. You are richer than you've ever been and so am I. You knocked this one right out of the ball park.
Excellent tale of life's lessons learned about true riches.

I didn't get around to reading this until now, but I like it very much. It is so honest and real and gives God the glory. Congratulations on placing in your division.
Congratulations and God Bless~