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Thank you so much for sharing this story with us. It held my attention and brought home a reality of what is "important in life" and the MC... Praise the Lord, finally with God's help, figured it out.

COngrats on the long years of sobriety. God Bless you~
This is a powerful testimony. I commend your courage on writing about something I'm sure is difficult.

Just a couple of minor suggestions. Save your exclamation points for dialog, when you use your words to show the exclamation, as you did here, the exclamation point becomes redundant and it's a much more powerful effect with the words. The other thing is to double space between paragraphs.

You covered the topic in a fresh and different way. I've read several stories this week and this is the first one that makes the impact in the way you did. Alcoholism is something almost everyone can relate to today, if not personally, then through a friend or family member. You did a super job with this well-written piece.
Yes; you are a wealthy woman.
The phrase Denial is not a river in Egypt is fantastic.

Wing His Words!
I saw you ranked at #15 out of 31 with this entry. Congratulations!
Congratulations for ranking 15th in level one! Check the message boards for the top 15 in your level and the top 25 overall.
You can find the top 15 rankings in your level and the top 25 overall on the message boards. Here is the link for this week. You can copy and paste the url and it should take you right to it. Usually it's posted some time on Thursday evening but this week it took a tad longer.