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How true! I'm glad you added the part of remembering blessings, not just refusing to look back at the past. We need to have a balanced viewpoint.
Beautiful poem, excellent job with this powerful entry. I loved how you concluded withe "keeping the blessings of the past" yet moving on. I so agree with that...If the Lord didn't want us to remember He wouldn't have given us the ability to do so.

But always look forward with His Kingdom as our goal. I loved this. Thank you.

God bless~
My favorite part is how God forgets and never has an afterthought. Very nice work here. I do love godly poems tho!
A good poem with a great message.
This is such a passionate poem. I could feel that you poured your heart into these words and want to share the love of God with everyone.

I did have some trouble with some lines. I found myself stumbling and having to reread them to get it. The rhymes were good but sometimes at the sacrifice of the flow. This line for example made me stumble because the words are out of the order we usually would expect. Each day God will our strength renew if you had changed it to Our strength each day, God will renew. may have flowed better. This line To be self righteous, is a sin. didn't need the comma.

Those are just little things. All in all the poem was really beautiful. It touched my heart and gave me goosebumps. This is really nice poem!
Nice, very nice. Lovely piece.

Wing His Words,
Congratulations for ranking 13th in level one!