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Very emotional story focusing on a relevant topic. Alcohol is at the root of many failed marriages, broken homes and wasted lives. I loved the line about the "shoes-pointed in opposite directions."

Wing His Words!
Three against the world! Me, You,and God. Unbeatable! Good story to read. Are you glad you wrote it?
This is a good story. I really enjoyed the fresh take on the topic. So many this week focused on the verse in Ecclesiastes and marriage. Though part of your story may have touched on marriage, the main part was the mother, children, and Jesus. I enjoyed that fresh take.

Instead of using tag lines like he said or she added. use that spot to show what your character is doing. For example instead of she said angrily write something like this after the quote. She balled her hand into a fist and clenched her teeth. It tells us who is talking while painting a picture of what her anger looks like.

You did a nice job with the dialog. At points, I thought the characters may have sounded younger than you intended. Then I realized the brilliance of doing that. Quite often when a child is abused or has a traumatic event in her life, she emotionally stops growing and stays at the age of the trauma until she works it out. As your MC was in therapy this was a great tool to really drive home the point that she suffered a trauma in her childhood. That was quite clever.