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This is a sweet story. The little guy grabbed my attention right off and I found myself smiling.

You may want to work on making the dialog seem more natural by including contractions and possibly even slang or less formal words. When his dad (In this case dad should start with a lowercase because of the qualifier his) was talking I found it hard to believe he would naturally use the phrase threefold cord. A little guy wouldn't understand that phrase.

You did an outstanding job of incorporating the topic into your story. I know sometimes I worry that the judges may not see the topic in my story so I'll throw the topic words in. But you really didn't need to do that because it was clear from the beginning what your story was about.

I liked the connection between father and son. Also, the descriptions you used were perfect. You painted a picture for me with your words. You did a great job of showing instead of telling. that's not an easy thing to master.
I liked it good job.
This was a great illustration. I enjoyed reading it. It was a great title too. I was about ready to stop reading entries but your title caught my attention and caused me to check it out. Keep up the good work.
This touched me as I could easily see love in the father and mother, and picture the little boy. I really liked the illustration of the ropes. Good writing.
AMEN! Well written story of patience. Keep writing!
Very nice. I can visualize this as a segment on "Little House on the Prairie," with Charles tenderly helping the young boy Albert...

Wing His Words!
Enjoyable read and very touching. I too loved the little boy right away. Nice work.
Congrats! God Bless~