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I enjoyed your light hearted, fresh style. This is sooo typical (especially the dirty diapers lol) I loved the line: "She walked in the door with a look on her face that appeared to border on some intestinal disorder..."
Neat ditty, totally free of the "box", open and airy - nice job.
Yes, that was funny. Lighthearted. Seemed just a wee bit jumpy here to there, but that may be only me. Nice story. God bless ya, littlelight
I enjoyed this little humorous venture into the Challenge. It's nice to look on the lighter side of things.
Very made me laugh out loud. A little random, but I had no problem keeping up. Keep writing!
Good fun! Great title. I really enjoyed the light touch.
This is so funny. You have a flair for writing humor. Very enjoyable, lighthearted read.
Great job, loved your "voice."
Another GREAT piece, and again I saw a little bit of our Mentor creep into the story. I love your writing, and this one is terrif!! You need to move up in categories...but please skip over Intermediate and on to Advanced so I won't have to compete with! Great writing, my friend!
My suggestion: You should pack up a stack of these articles and find a newspaper that needs your column. You would be a hit, I have no doubt.
Loved it! You have a real talent and you've certainly found your "voice." You're gifted, all right! Smell ya later!