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Thanks for sharing these memories! While our parents didn't go quite that far in hiding eggs, I do remember finding them in pot plants and wayyyy back under the furniture long past Easter. There are a few places where commas might be good, but all in all, I thought this was a very good piece.
Thank you for this poignant and powerful story of memories made and kept in our hearts.

I laughed at the eggs being found in the Summertime with a stench! LOL.

Sounds like you had a wonderful unbringing. I especially loved the last part, "making new memories" with the loved ones who have gone on before you.

Nice job. God Bless you~
This story brought tears to my eyes. I thought the beginning was spectacular. Though, I have read dozens of Easter stories this week, that first line drew me in and made me eager for more.

There are tiny technical things to fix like Mom and Dad should be capitalized when used as a first name, You should also start a new paragraph each time someone different speaks, even if it is just one word.

Those are small things though. The heart of your story is the message of love. I could feel the love as I was reading and it made me feel safe. Nice job.
Oh yeah, I didn't even mention the Easter eggs. I loved that part. Having played the bunny for some 27 years by now I know how hard it is to find good hiding places. Loved that part. :)
Congratulations & God Bless~