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I see a spelling contridiction between your title and the word billie in the text.
This was fun. I think you need to be more careful with punctuation and spelling, but I enjoyed your poem, and think the right choice was made at the end. lol
This was so interesting and fun to read. I love hearing words indigenous to other regions and countries. I learned quite a bit from the terminology. Thanks!

Good job and nice flow to this. On topic and creative.

God bless~
Oh I loved this. It was a whimsical delight. You had each line perfect with rhyme and rhythm. I smiled thoughout. The ending took me by surprise too. What a wonderful way to come full circle.

The only thing I noticed is I thought hurray was a typo for hurry.

I also appreciate the footnote at the end. I was going to google billy. :) I love it when I learn to words and can picture lands I've never visited.
Nice job with this. My only complaint is that, despite some of the creatures you mentioned, you did absolutely nothing to quell my desire to visit Australia. ;)
Oh...I loved this! I smiled all the way through it! Great job!
Crikey. That was a fairdinkum article.
As a fellow Aussie I empathise with the bush and its joys and 'surprises'! It rings true.
This is super fun! You've put the excitement of going on an adventure into the rhythm of your lines. I love this!
Thank you for taking me on an Australian holiday--my first!
This is absolutely delightful and hilarious. I enjoyed every bit from start to finish. I love the part about "slap mosquitoes all night long."

Your explanations at the end were a marvelous enhancement to the story. Thanks so much for adding them in.
Actually, for your very first entry, I think it's quite good even though you were in a hurry to shoot hurray! You have made a lot of progress in one sense, but in another you were pretty darn good and have very few cringe worthy moments. Now my first face burns just thinking. I also can't believe you have only been here a year, I feel like I have known you forever--and in a good way. :-)