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You wrote this account of Sarah very well. If only some of the rest of us had the faith she had. Wonderful take on this Biblical story.
I felt great sympathy for Sarah; you gave life to the Biblical story and made me so grateful to have access to good medical care. Kudos to you for a job well done.
I really enjoyed reading this! Thanks! It made the story come alive for me in a new way.
I was there in every scene you so skillfully described. I could 'feel" the emotions of your characters as you gave you them life.

Just a tiny bit of red ink. Check for misplaced commas. I know the 750 word limit often limits :-) you, but I was hoping for more with the conclusion.

Nevertheless, a great story and well-written.
Dramatic story. I love to "read between the lines" of scripture and you have mastered that!
I LOVE biblical fiction, and this is a lovely piece. Was very curious where you were going with this, and was pleasantly surprised when I found out. Thanks for sharing!
I love Biblical references and stories concerning Biblical characters. This was a very good story and well written. I loved it.
Thank you so much.

God Bless~
Very well done and I loved the story! Maybe you should plan to re-write it in a longer form for the mini-challenge? Would make a lovely piece, if that is allowed for the "If only " articles.
Wow! This gave me goosebumps. You did such a marvelous job at bringing the bleeding woman to life. I think the only reason it may have not placed higher is because perhaps the judges thought it a tad weak on the topic because in my opinion every other category was nearly perfect. I had goosebumps when I read this piece. Congratulations for placing 6th in level one!
Well-written. I could picture the scene unfolding. Vivid choice of details and phrases. Great job.
Kitkat...I loved this! I was ministered to with not only Ester's faith, but by the depth of love intertwined with fearful devotion by her parents. The life you brought to this allowed me to walk in all of their shoes throughout the story. Thank You!
I never thought much of the "unclean" life she must have lived before that time. Well done at helping me envision it better. Great story!